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Sunstar has technical backup of world?s giants like Cimbria, Buhler, Schmidt Seeger and Satake for providing the ultra-modern technology, to enable constant up-gradation of rice processing and control systems, compatible with global standards and optimization of production facilities. All of these integrated online processes, technical facilities and environment friendly infrastructure have enabled us to create new benchmarks in premium quality rice production.

Drying Plant
from Cimbria (Denmark) & Schmidt Seeger (Germany)
Our unique fully automatic & mechanized on-line sensor based temperature controlled gradual drying system, with 50 tons per hour drying capacity, ensures consistent & uniform drying of paddy without breaking the delicate rice grains. The process mitigates any scope of fermentation and bacterial / fungal infections, simultaneously preserving its natural aroma.

Paraboiling Plant
The process of parboiling uses processed soft water obtained from water treatment plant. The plant has specially designed soaking bins with sensor based sophisticated controllers for water temperature. The process is far superior than the conventional methods in terms of mitigating development of unwanted smells and ensures hygienic processing of the grain, preserving its fragrance and aroma during the processing. The requirements of soft water for parboiling process are met by an integrated water treatment plant. 

Milling Plant
from Buhler (Switzerland) & Satake (Japan)
The three state-of-art milling plants of Sunstar use 21st century technology from Buhler. The online inflow and outflow mechanisms are fully computerized with the help of sensors. The plants have production capacity exceeding 42 tons per hour, and are equipped with number of Pre-cleaners, De-stoners, Precision-sizers, Graders, Paddy separators, De-huskers, Magnets etc. The plant premises are environment friendly and fully protected against contamination by foreign particles. 
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