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Colour sorters
from Sortex Ltd., (UK) & Satake (Japan)
At Sunstar, the series of colour sorters and multi sorters are installed. When the rice is passed through these series of sorting machines, it gets freed from glasses, plastic granules, foreign material, dust particles and also of any damaged, discolored and unwanted grains. 

Aspirated Rice Huskers
from Buhler (Switzerland) & Satake (Japan)

These high capacity huskers offer high performance and unmatched capability for removing the husks from paddy rice. Its unique feeding mechanism gives it the ability to husk rice at a greater capacity than conventional huskers while breaking far less rice grains during the entire process. 

Pre-cleaners and De-stoners
from Buhler (Switzerland) & Schmidt Seeger (Germany)
This unit removes paddy from brown rice at capacities and efficiencies that are unmatched in the industry. Its three adjustable-position discharge systems coupled with the adjustable separating tray angle, allows flexibility in producing pure brown rice and paddy products. 

Plano - Shifters
The requirement of high capacity sizers is met by Plano-Shifters, which ensures uniform grading. 

Length Graders
from Cimbria (Denmark) & Carterday
To segregate rice grains of different sizes, we have high capacity graders which ensure on-line uniform grading at a comparatively high speed. 

Vertical Abrasive Polishers
from Buhler (Switzerland) & Satake (Japan)
The high capacity abrasive whitener offers unmatched efficiency of milling with regard to power savings. Its low milling pressure helps in the maximization of head rice yield and its ability to function efficiently on both low and hard milling applications makes it an ideal "first break" milling machine. 

Packaging Machines:
from Hassia (Germany) & Reed Midway (USA)
Sunstar has world class hygienically safe packaging plant. It can pack from sizes of 500 gm to 50 kg consumer packs. Various types of packing are done at Sunstar e.g. vaccum bags, jute/purlap bags, poly pouches, poly jar packing, paper bag, cotton cloth bags. There is an on-line metal detector installed in the final packing facilities. We have facility of international standards for private label packing. We also have fully automatic packing machinery for packing, strapping, labeling & batch code printing.

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